S07 Ep05: You May Have Anxiety But You Are Not Anxiety

Do you have struggles with anxiety? If so, has anxiety become a permanent sentence for your life and journey? There is hope to experience healing, if you will allow your heart to step into a new journey of overcoming.

Too often, we think that living with anxiety is a way of life. But there is a calling to all of us to live in a deeper walk, where we allow the struggles of anxiety to lead us into greater depth in our heart healing journey.

The truth is, you may have an anxiety battle, but you are not anxiety. Nor does anxiety need to be a permanent fixture on your story. There is more to your story than that.

In this episode, Melissa and I will share our journey of dealing with anxiety. Our journeys reflect the two common responses that people have when it comes to anxiety.

The good news is that underneath the symptoms of anxiety is an invitation for your heart to experience God in a deeper way. These battles get our attention more than anything else.

We often fall into the mindset of wishing the anxiety would just go away, so we can go back to our life as usual. But in reality, there is a whole new life waiting for us as we face the anxiety and allow God to walk with us through the healing journey. On the other side of the battle is a personal experience with God’s love, His power and a sound mind.

We pray our journey and work on this subject will add healing and freedom to your life.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Our own personal journey of addressing anxiety and what it looked like to experience healing.
  • Where many often go with our anxiety.
  • What to do in order to allow anxiety to become a healing journey for your heart.
  • Practical insights on what to do when anxiety becomes a problem in your life.

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