S04 Ep02: 10 Healthy Mindsets for Transition

Most believers are not prepared for the transitions that come into their lives. But everyone will go through many stages of transition, that if we don’t maneuver through them in a healthy manner, we can miss the jewels that can be found in the seasons of change.

Many times our expectation of what a transition will look like is not accurate to what the process often involves. Many are left in a world of confusion and pain because they had no help to navigate the transitions of life they entered into.

In this episode, we want to talk more about transition and bring out ten healthy mindsets that can empower transitioning from one season into the new one that is available to you.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Adjusting your expectations for what transitions involve
  • Ten healthy mindsets that are going to help you maneuver through transitions in a powerful way.

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