S04 Ep01: Transitioning into a New Season

We are back and excited to bring you new episodes and great content for your journey of transformation. In this opening episode, we want to share some updates on our journey while also talking about new seasons and transitioning into those new seasons effectively.

Entering into a New Season

Could it be that a new season is upon you and you haven’t realized it? Have been longing for a new season to open up, but you just need some support to maneuver through it?

So many of us were not equipped on how to handle key transitions in life, so it can be difficult to identify those changes and know how to walk through them effectively. Too often, we are left floundering. Many people never make the change into the new.

How to Know a New Season is Upon You

In this episode we want to talk about how to know if you are entering into a new season. What kind of characteristics and signs do you begin noticing?

Sometimes this phrase “new season” can be used like a cliche, where people say, “i am in a new season,” but it doesn’t bear much meaning in their actions. But entering into a new season requires new thinking and perspectives.

The Season of Change

Many people do not realize their season is changing. It’s time to get ready for the new. They are wrestling with a lot of emotions. Maybe they are beating themselves up, frustrated, angry and stressed out. But what they cannot see is that there is a new season ahead that does not look like what they are presently in.

God is doing some unusual things in transitioning people. It looks negative, but God is actually moving you into new things. A new wine skin is unfolding, but it’s going to take change, movement and transition to make that happen.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Some updates in our own lives and what this transition has taught us.
  • How to identify that a new season is upon you.
  • Six key observations on identifying a new season

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