8 Reasons Why Worry is a Waste

Excessive worry is a habit that will drive a person into an anxiety disorder. Talk to most people, and the negativity they express often carries large threads of worry in it. Worry empowers a hopeless lens on life. Because of it, we as a culture have become bound by this incessant habit that need not be a part of our lives.

So what do we do about this annoying habit called worry? The following reasons why worry is a waste will help you gain leverage over its operations.

1. Worry is a Liar

The nasty work of worry is that it convinces you that you NEED to mull over an issue over and over. We have become convinced that if we worry enough, we will finally solve the problem or resolve the conflict in our thoughts. We have been subtly trained that worry will help us. It takes advantage of our heart to show genuine care over a matter, but lures us into torment. Soon, its all we become familiar with–to worry about things.

Worry Cartoon

2. Worry is a Peace Stealer

By its very nature, worry is filled with torment. It first comes as a seemingly reasonable way to deal with uncertainty or conflicting issues. Worry is the operations of a spirit of fear, designed to keep you locked in to a never ending pattern of narrowly focusing on an issue. We pay so much attention on worry. Meanwhile, our peace is being stolen thought by thought.

3. Worry Keeps You From Being Present Now

One of the greatest experiences that worry steals from our lives is the blessing of being in the here and now. Instead of being present and experiencing what is in front of us, worry trains us to anticipate the “next thing” that could come, the possibility of something going wrong. Worry tells us, “This will only be for a little bit, then you can relax.” Years and decades later, we are still worrying and not experiencing our lives with joy. Your children, spouse, relatives and friends all lose out on being connected to you. Even though you may be present physically, in your mind, worry has taken you somewhere else.

4. Worry Drains You of Energy With No Return

Plainly stated, worry is a waste of time and energy. Jesus said it well when he said, “Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?”
(Matthew 6:27 NKJVS) Worry is like putting money into a jar that has holes at the bottom. No matter how much energy you put into it, you will only get drained, not replenished.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.” ~ Erma Bombeck

5. Worry Stifles Your Personality

Over time, we become so trained by worry that it becomes a part of who we are. Many people have become one with worry, and it has immersed into their personalities. They now become “worrywarts,” taking most situations as a cue to go into the patterns of worry. People around you receive the affects of this constant fear projection in your life, and it stifles their relationship with you.

6.  Worry Steals Your Health

People with chronic worry will not develop solid health over the long term. Persistent worry will cause the gastrointestinal system to malfunction. Worry often comes in the form of fear of the future, fear of failure or fear of conflict. These strongholds can affect the body’s chemistry negatively, creating an imbalance to overall homeostasis. Heart conditions and high blood pressure can result in people who are not able to drive out the temptation to worry.

7. Worry Will Make You a Control Freak

The more we worry, the more we become compelled to act on the worry. Fear has a driving force to it, so eventually, the programming of worry will teach you to constantly take matters into your own hands. Those who struggle with control have a fear issue driving the need to feel safe by controlling circumstances or people. Yet being in control of life is a myth. Worry does not want you to be free from control issues, so it keeps the dreaded scenarios playing in your mind.

8. Worry Steals How God Made You To Be

God did not design you to live in chronic worry. Despite what many people would think, He did not originally form you to be made with worry. It is the counterfeit of God’s rest in our lives. Jesus warned us that we would have trouble, but to take peace. Our Savior has overcome the world, so as we walk through this world, we must learn to release our cares and shut down the programming of worry over our lives. God did not create us to be worrywarts.

So if God did not create us to worry all the time, and if He commands us not to worry, then where does worry come from? Who told you to worry? This is where we need to see how the enemy uses a spirt of fear to train us in worry’s ways.

If you struggle with worry, why not take a few moments to come to God and repent for serving its ways? Take authority over that worry and drive it out of your life today! Enter into the rest of God that He has for you. In there, worry has no place to land.

 Question: Can you name some more reasons why worry is a waste? What do you do to combat worry and keep it far from your life?