Prayer for Strengthening Your Identity

The following is a prayer that you can pray out loud to help establish your identity in a stronger way:

Father, I come to you in Jesus name and I thank You the identity that You have given me. I thank You for Your Son, Jesus Christ, and the identity I can have in Him.

I thank you that Your word is truth. There are no lies in You.

Your word releases light into darkness, exposing the lies I believe about my world and who I am.

Your word is a sharp sword, piercing to the depths of my heart. God, let your word pierce me in power. Divide out the junk of that has compromised who I am.

Expose the thoughts that keep me from who you called me to be. Let your word divide and separate the thoughts that are of You and the thoughts that are not of You.

Help me to grasp the greater identity. I want to be who You say that I am!

I am your child. I am your son (or daughter).

I am your workmanship. I am Your very handiwork. You formed and fashioned me.

I see your great power and creative ability by how you created me.

I am not junk. I am not a leftover. I am prized creation of Yours.

God, I accept who you made me to be. I accept myself as a child of God.

You love me. I receive that love.

I love myself.

I am your dearly loved child!

You created me in Christ Jesus for good works. I know those good works will flow as I accept myself as your child.

Today I stand against every work of darkness that wars against the identity of God in my life. I make those opposing thoughts my enemy.

I stand against self-hate, self-rejection, unworthiness and self-condemnation. All thoughts that do not allow me to love and accept myself are not allowed anymore. 

Today I declare that I am not my own enemy. I am not at war against myself, nor has God called me to fight myself.

I choose to be kind to myself and allow myself to grow daily from glory to glory. I give myself permission to grow in process, as I do not have to see everything change overnight.

God I ask that you give me strength to see the adversity in my life as opportunities to grow in who I am. 

I choose to not run from my pain but find your love in the midst of it.

Thank you that You are with me during the storm, equipping me to grow up as your kid.

Help me at the end of the day to remember that I am simply, your kid. Thank you for that.

I take in the peace of God over my heart. I choose to see life with a new heart and a new lens.

I choose to love challenges, rather than dreading them.

I used to say, “Where’s the easy way? When is this gonna stop?” Now I welcome the chance to grow.

Father, teach me to love the battle. To love the spiritual fight, because in it, my identity is formed stronger.

Thank You so much for that. Teach me to stand strong on who You say that I am.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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