Overcoming Thoughts that Make You Feel Crazy


For many years, I struggled with persistent thoughts that made me feel crazy and oppressed. They were thoughts that were incredibly tormenting and seemed to always lurking around the corner. I walked with a great deal of fear and paranoia and what these thoughts would say; or when they would oppress me the most. As someone with a sensitive heart, I was often vulnerable to various thoughts that would project fearful events, feelings and situations about what I could end up doing or what someone could end up doing to me.

If we put down our facades and get honest, these tormenting kind of thoughts plague everyone to some degree or another. We as a society do not often know how to deal with them, while millions walk around in hidden shame because of strange thoughts they have inside that torment them. I personally believe that over time, some people are so ravaged by their tormenting thoughts, they eventually give in and act on them, thinking it must be the only way to relieve themselves of the torment.

I have helped myself and many people overcome these unrelenting thoughts, not only to gain ground against them, but to actually overcome them for good. Those who felt there was no hope where given tools to take back their sanity. Some of these tormenting thoughts people have had involved:

  • afraid of interacting with the same sex, thinking something sexual might occur
  • thinking they may have accidentally asked the devil to be their lord or in some way
  • being afraid of touching a sharp object, because they might be tempted to hurt someone
  • thinking they may have blasphemed the Holy Spirit
  • being afraid to interact with the same sex, fearing homosexual tendencies
  • that somehow they may hurt their child
  • they may do something to jeopardize their marriage.
  • they may commit some dreadful and unholy action

These are just some of them, but there are plenty more. Any thought that does not produce righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit is a form of insanity.

None of these thoughts were what they wanted to be or do, yet they had projections in their minds that caused them to consider, “maybe this is just the way I am.” They walk with great guilt, fear and condemnation because of it. They may attempt to talk to someone about it, but then regret ever bringing it up, because of the shame they felt in sharing. Staying in secret only empowers these thoughts further. Most life in a dark and silent prison.

These tormenting thoughts are simply satan’s way of stealing our peace; convincing us that we have no control over these thoughts. Over time, hope wanes and our confidence in stolen.

Satan’s army works daily to give people thoughts that seem so real, without realizing they are being fed these thoughts from an invisible enemy. For many, the next conclusion is to act on these thoughts to gain a sense of relief, while others remain in a prison of what the imaginations portray in their minds.

We forget to realize that having a thought that is not from God is simply temptation. Many people do not realize that you will have every thought imaginable come your way during your lifetime—especially the ones that have been troublesome in your family tree. Yet just because you have a thought, does not mean you are that thought. You can establish your heart and separate yourself from the thoughts that you do not want to be a part of your identity. This is what taking thoughts captive can really do for you in your journey.

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Many of us can believe some lies regarding these crazy thoughts:  

  1. I need to listen to these thoughts, as they might be telling me something. Many people live in such a way that thoughts come and they react to them. Instead, we need to be initiating what the thought world in our lives is going to be. Don’t wait for life to tell you what to think. You set the atmosphere for what you will meditate and focus on.
  2. If you keep thinking about these thoughts, eventually you will figure it out. Not at all. Whatever you focus on the most will grow, so mulling over these tormenting thoughts will not bring you to a greater conclusion, but press you into further torment.
  3. There is a thread of truth in it, so I need to listen. This one gets us tripped up the most. When satan comes with his accusing thoughts, he does not speak in an outside voice in your mind. The thought comes as though its your own voice. He is the father of lies, but he rarely puts a bold face lie on your lap. He often takes some shred of fact and wraps in a bunch of insanity. Seeing the fact in your thoughts is the bait to draw you in to further torment. Next thing you know, you are off in the land of fear over a thought system you need not feed.
  4. The thought says something about who you are. You may have a thought, but this does not mean you are the thought. You may have an angry thought, but this does not make you an angry person, unless you want to be. You may have a lust-filled thought, but that does not mean you are lust person, unless you want to come into agreement with that.

The first step in getting free is establishing who you and what your heart’s desire is. Don’t just follow whatever is your heart—lead your heart. Declare what you want to live by. Over time, learning the discipline of leading your heart will effectively establish your identity.

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Don’t expect freedom to arrive without a fight. The best thing to do about troubling thoughts is to remove the fear factor. Don’t allow yourself to be afraid. Let the thought come and go at the same time. The more we become afraid of thoughts that come our way, the more we empower the enemy.

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When the enemy shows up with crazy thoughts to tempt you—just let him keeping on walking by. Hold up a sign that says, “No vacancy.”

I have my peace back. The enemy stole it for years and I lived in a private prison. You can be free today too. Take your stand.

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