Overcoming Foreboding

Why talk about foreboding? 

In looking at breaking limitations, I’ve illuminated how a victim mindset and self-pity want to keep you trapped in a prison of limitation. But we also need to be aware of the fear factor, especially how a deceptive foreboding can creep in and keep us from stepping into freedom. 

Because most of our imprisonment is tied to pain and disappointment, fear wants to come in and keep the bondage intact and make you apprehensive of ever taking a step out of prison. 

Fear will make you afraid of what it means to even live in freedom. Fear will make you afraid of making any mistakes. Fear will contaminate how see the future. 

You won’t bother stepping out of prison if your whole perspective has been contaminated by fear. 

One of the ways that fear programs our thinking, is in the way we project fear into the future. WE FOREBODE. 

In this broadcast, I want to help you recognize the fear factor of foreboding and help you walk into freedom.

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