In the earliest stages of my healing and freedom journey, I began to recognize how negative my thinking and outlook was. The broken and empty places of my heart were not only invaded by toxic thinking, but also by an overall negative attitude. As a part of my healing journey, learning to detox negativity and embrace empowering thinking has been a tremendous journey of blessing.

Negativity Fast

What I Learned from a 30 Day Negativity Fast

The Kind of Fast You Need to Consider: Negativity Fast

Going on a Negativity Fast

Join Me for a 30 Day Negativity Fast

Declaration for Overcoming Negativity

Declaration for Overcoming Negativity

Insights and Application

Do You Have a Critical Spirit?

How to Be Miserable and Stay Miserable

3 Powerful Habits to Overcome Negativity

The Opposite of Negativity is Not Always Positive Thinking