Loneliness Part 1: Are You Lonely?

Are you lonely and struggling with feelings of loneliness? If you are, then this series is dedicated to the purpose of bringing loving insight and nurture to what you are going through. I have found that believers in Christ are not immune from experiencing loneliness. Loneliness is something believers face and it’s time to get real about it.

Many men and women of God over the centuries have faced the pain that comes along with loneliness. Some experienced loneliness because of the pain, suffering and struggle they were experiencing in life. They felt lonely in their battles. Others experienced loneliness when they took a stand for what is right. Many have gone through seasons of depression, where loneliness became magnified.

Loneliness can leave an ache in the heart that does not go away with a snap of the fingers. While you can mask it, try to hide it or even simply manage it for the meantime, so many of my brothers and sisters are expressing their struggle of wrestling with loneliness.

This subject is no stranger to me, as I have to face those feelings, which have led me to look at my journey in a way that would help me navigate struggles with loneliness. I have felt lonely when there were people around me. I have also had seasons where I have felt content even though there didn’t seem to be anyone around. So I speak to this subject as someone who has navigated this subject in many different ways and stages. I continue to learn and grow in what it means to work through aspects of loneliness.

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