Learning to Love Yourself the Way God Loves You

We believe that loving yourself the way that God loves you is a critical journey for all of us to engage. Yet at the same time, there can be a lot of confusion when the subject of “loving yourself” is brought up in Christianity. Many believers are unsure if they have jurisdiction to even explore the subject. Some immediately push back, thinking the topic means a person will become selfish and self-consumed. 

Others recognize their need to see themselves the way God sees them, especially through the lens of His love. A modern plague is amongst us, where people have not been taught to view themselves through God’s perspective. We have lived without a healthy view of ourselves. Therefore, so many struggle to have fruitful relationships, because they are locked in a battle of self. 

We want to open up this series to talk about our journey of what it means to love yourself in a healthy way. We’ll share our own discoveries, address many of the questions we face, while also talking through some very practical ways we can learn to love ourselves the way that God loves us. 

The focus of our discussion today will be the learning process. We want to encourage you to recognize this subject in your life, while giving yourself permission to learn what it means to receive God’s love and love yourself with the love He has for you.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Our own personal realization of battles that stemmed from not loving ourselves.
  • What it took to realize that loving yourself was something to heal in our hearts.
  • How learning to love ourselves has helped our marriage, parenting and everything we do in life.
  • Encouraging you to recognize and take your next step.

Questions: use our contact page to send your thoughts. 

  1. Where are you noticing that loving yourself is an issue you need to address?
  2. What makes the subject of loving yourself challenging for you?

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