Is Unworthiness Sabotaging You?

Is it possible that your lack of self-love and unworthiness is actually sabotaging your journey? 

Over and again, I have watched a lack of personal value produce mindsets of unworthiness that will keep people from receiving love from God and the people He sends their way. It will also condition you to deflect blessings that come your way. 

This unworthiness may seem like humility at first, but it’s not. It is actually hidden self-hatred and it will sabotage your potential. 

Unworthiness Deflecting Love

Unworthiness keeps relationships at a plateau, where you cannot seem to go any further. That is because there is an internal war over whether or not you are qualified to take part in the goodness, love and acceptance that is available.

Every time loves arrives, it gets deflected back. 

Unworthiness keeps people from rising to higher levels. Each time there are new opportunities, you sabotage it, because of the self-hatred and self-rejection that is within your heart. 

People can blame other people for the breakdown of relationships. But if we do not love ourselves, relationships will end up becoming sabotaged continually, until we break the pattern.

Is Unworthiness Holding You Back?

Many want a greater life, but their internal unworthiness holds them back. 

Unworthiness will cause you to doubt your own personal potential. 

When love and blessings is manifesting in your life, you won’t know what to do with it. 

Have you ever gotten a very generous gift from someone that overwhelms you? Maybe it’s a generous gift of money, a trip or some gift of value that took you by surprise. When the blessing is given to you, do you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to reject it, or even give it back, simply because you are uncomfortable with being blessed in this way?

Furthermore, once the gift is received, do you feel that you have to act extra good around this person, so they don’t regret down the road that they gave you that gift? Unworthiness is an enemy that won’t let you receive the blessings. 

Unworthiness and Passivity

It may be possible that you are not taking action today because you don’t feel worth being loved.

A person with unworthiness will always stand in the back relationally and never come to the front. When I preach to crowds and present a new level people can step into, unworthiness steals the opportunity. Instead of stepping up to the call, people fall back in defeatism, “I’ll never be able to get to that level.” 

Maybe you say, “this is for others, but not for me.” 

Give to Others, But Not for Yourself

Many people with unworthiness can work tirelessly to help others, but their inner heart life is eroding, because they never truly receive for themselves what they give out to others. 

Our worth and value first come out of God creating us as His fearfully and wonderfully made creation. We have been mae worthy by the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross, giving us the ability to stand and receive everything that God the Father has for us. Part of receiving all that God has is to embrace with gratitude the worth that God sees over you. 

We do not have to cower back in fear; we need not pass the plate to someone else. We may freely partake of the Father’s blessings. 

How do make the change? Focus your heart on gratitude, thanking God for the worth that He sees in you!

Could it be that the thing preventing you from taking in the full depth of God’s love is this subtle stronghold of unworthiness? Step out and receive your worth today!

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