Is Loving Yourself Wrong?

Ask Christians if loving yourself is a needed subject and you will get mixed responses. Some believe its a subject that will lead people into selfishness and self-centered living. Many can take it even further, expressing concerns that teaching on loving yourself could encourage a narcissistic culture. 

We want to cut through the confusion and misunderstanding to bring the flow of love into a healthy perspective. We hope that in our discussion, we can bring some clarity to what it means to love yourself in a healthy and fruitful way. 

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The factors which contribute to a person not understanding what it means to love yourself.
  • Why many can struggle with the confusion around the subject.
  • Balancing ourselves from extremes.
  • What causes narcissism in connection to what love means.
  • What about lovers of themselves?
  • What causes selfishness?
  • Our own battles with learning to love ourselves the way God loves us.

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