Is Black and White Thinking Hindering Your Life?

Black and white thinking can deeply distort how you see yourself, others, God and your healing and freedom journey. I have noticed it to be a hindrance in my journey and in the lives of many I have helped. The more I have reflected on this subject, the more I have seen black and white thinking in my history. I also see it a lot in the way people interact today.

So let me ask you . . . Do you have black and white thinking influencing you?

Have people mentioned to you that your thinking, beliefs and perspectives are often black and white?

If so, you may need to address it, as it could be hindering you.

For example, if you recognize that perfectionism, obsessive/compulsive or religious legalism have Influenced your thinking and living, you’ll need to understand how black and white thinking gets in the way. Black and white thinking is often a trait found in perfectionists and can be a common trait in people who have OCD struggles. If you find yourself constantly spiraling in how you assess your journey, what you are going through and interpreting your life, you may need to consider that black and white thinking is hurting you. Are you also utilizing black and white thinking on how you assess others and relate others?

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