Healing from a Narcissist When It is All About Them

Of the toxic ingredients that make up a narcissist, one of them is the pattern where they make everything in life about themselves. They direct conversations and attention to themselves in all things. It goes beyond selfishness, which we all have battles with and even self-centeredness. Narcissism is even more intense than that. They have an orbit they have created where all of life points back to them being the center of attention, to bring attention to their finely constructed image they have created about themselves.

They will present themselves as either the chief hero in all things or the chief victim, depending on the situation. They can easily move back and forth, as long as attention is brought back to the story they have crafted. With this dysfunctional pattern, a narcissist will leave you in a wake of toxicity you may need to work through. When the narcissist is your parent, you will struggle with being deeply neglected, ignored and dismissed. When the narcissist is your boss, he or she will make decisions to protect themselves with no regard for how it impacts you. When it is your friend, they will betray you without much thought. When a narcissist is your spouse, any issues you bring up about your pain will be switched and turned into a story that is all about their pain.

So how do you heal when you have been under this toxic influence?

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