Fear is Not God Speaking

Our sense of hearing needs to be tuned to a much greater degree, mainly because so many have become accustomed to listening to fear, living it and justifying its work in their life. Sometimes people can even take their actions and give credit to God when in fact they were driven by a spirit of fear.

I have heard more times than I can remember people throwing around the phrase “God told me to . . . “ like it is a statement we can just flip around without care or thought.

Sadly enough, many of these actions were credited to God, but were actually driven by fear. I have even witnessed people saying that God told them to be afraid or that He used fear as a tool to teach them.

I even remember times when I did this myself. Others, like me in the past, have made decisions based on an anxious gut, thinking that God must be behind it since the impressions were so intense. What we end up with instead of greater glory is increased torment and insanity.

My question to you is what thoughts have you allowed in that you should no longer be listening to?