Establishing the Identity of a Man

What does it mean to be a man? What does a man of God look like? What is God’s plan for masculinity?

The fight over the hearts and lives of our men is intense like never before. The enemy knows that if he can limit a man’s ability to live powerfully in his identity, then he will limit his potential. Break a man’s heart and it will infect every woman and child that comes into his life.

Yet at the same time, there is a work of heaven that is calling men to live with both masculine passion and true sensitivity. Both the lion and the lamb is showing up in the hearts of men who are willing to let Father God do a renovation in their hearts and stir them to live as dearly loved sons.

This transformation will initiate a dramatic impact, first in our marriages, then in our parenting and out to our world.

I pray this message will encourage and strengthen the hearts of our men to receive the love, approval and validation from our Father in heaven. May we manifest greater fruit in these days in our homes and communities.