Do You Need An Emotional Sabbatical?

I believe that God is calling many hearts to engage the power of an emotional sabbatical. Too often we attempt to experience transformation in our lives, but our lifestyle prohibits us from being able to tune into God and what he’s doing in our hearts. Many times we need an extended season of slowing down, quieting our hearts and connecting to the issues that we need to face.

Do you find yourself spinning your wheels, showing signs of emotional burnout or just constantly being overwhelmed by the situations you are in? There are many Christian leaders, pastors and chronic performers that need to slow down and enter in some form of sabbatical.

There are a number of times in my life where God has used various sabbaticals to realign who I am and heal issues of my heart that needed attention. You cannot experience the fullness of what God can do in your heart if you are plugged into a rat race lifestyle all the time.

In this video I want to talk about the power of an emotional sabbatical and how it may add value to your life. I also talk about some important things you need to think about when engaging an emotional sabbatical.

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