Breaking Out of Chronic Introspection

If you are in any way like me, you have a deep passion for healing, freedom and transformation. But that passion to work on issues of the heart can lead you into becoming too introspective. When introspection becomes a chronic habit, we develop an incessant habit of inward observation and examination of our mental and emotional state, to the point that it becomes obsessive. We want to experience healing, but introspection can lead us into an unfruitful lifestyle of self examination.

In this video I want to talk about chronic introspectionAnd help you to break out of it.

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Prayer for Breaking Free of Chronic Introspection:

Heavenly Father,

I realize that my transformational journey doesn’t do well when I obsessively look inward and try to search under every bush and between every crack for every possible fault in me or in my past. So I am going to stop that because it is causing me to lose my stability in you and it is keeping me from walking in your rest. I want to be aware of where my heart need healing, but not to the point that it leads me to lose perspective and become obsessed with staring at myself.

As I let go of destructive introspection patterns, I make a firm decision to watch over my heart with diligence, so that it is always tender towards You and towards people. I commit myself to staying in Your Word continually, knowing that doing so will keep me walking in the right direction. Show those things that are hindering my walk and bring revelation where I have been walking in ignorance. In doing so, give me the grace and love that will empower me to leave sin and walk in truth.

I also commit myself to come before You daily and develop a lifestyle that walks with an awareness of Your presence. I want my heart and identity to be more like Jesus. Thank You that you are merciful and kind to me in those things. 

Today I put my trust in You God, that if there are things You want to heal or set me free from that You will show me in your timing and in Your way. I keep my heart open to that. But I choose to release control of knowing everything that I need to work on. I let go of legalism that causes me to look at myself with a harsh black-and-white lens. I let go of perfectionistic patterns that keep me being hard on myself and how I even evaluate my own heart.

I choose to open my eyes to the world around me and not become obsessed with staring at myself. I trust that as I walk in love with You, myself and others, You will show me the areas that You’re working on. 

Father God, I ask that You use the relationships in my life to sharpen me and enhance my journey. I ask that the Holy Spirit would continue to illuminate the themes of my heart that You want me to pay attention to. Please use these tools to shape my life until Jesus alone and the Father’s presence is seen in me. 

I believe that You have given me Your Spirit and Your heart. I rely on the guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit to fill me and lead me into all truth. With that said, I turn from introspection and release my life into a journey of pressing forward in confidence and boldness because I am Your child. 

In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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