A Call to the Overcomers

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The following is an excerpt from an exhortation given at a recent conference, where I felt a stir to awaken the heart of the overcomers.

There have been blurred lines when it comes to Christianity. You can wear the title of a Christian like anything else, with no cost, no sacrifice, no inconvenience and very little heart-connected investment. Being a Christian has become another bumper sticker you can place on your car that blends in with all the other labels of society. Today you can say your a Christian or a believer and it have very little meaning on how that affects your relationships, decisions and effectiveness on this planet. People have accepted living a life with little change, not much transformation and coming to peace with mountains that have not moved.

Many believers have been lulled into a place of convenience over passionate conviction. Today, we are at a spiritual crossroads, where this is all changing. The blurred lines you see in the church today are about to become clearer. It will become very clear who is for God and who is not for Him. It will be demonstrated by the fruit in their life. There is no longer going to be a generic Christianity in the house of God. The heat is rising. I am not looking for those who just say with their mouths they believe. I am looking for red hot, fire breathing Christians that have given themselves fully to love with Me and passionate love with each other.

The call today is a call to the overcomer. No longer just calling yourself a card-carrying Christian is gonna make it today. As the heat rises, there is a sifting going on across my whole body. Many will collapse under the weight of this sifting, because there was no solid substance in them to bear through the weight of what came against them. Other are quitting. They still attend church and play the church game, but inside they have quit. I say today let the quitters quit and the haters hate. Because I am looking to sift out those who were never with me to begin with.

The house of God needs to be sifted so that what remains is of me. The rust and contamination can not be sprayed over with Jesus paint. It must be burned off. And the reason it hurts so bad to have this garbage burned off of people is that the contamination has become so much a part of God’s people that who they are and the junk have become one.

This is not the season for the easy or cushy. This is the time for the rising of the overcomers. This is the time for my remnant to truly be established. I am looking for those who, come hell or high water, remain faithful to the end.

America has been conditioned to a Christianity that is instant, comfortable and convenient. The moment I do not move in the way they expect, they lose heart and fade in their pursuit. I am looking for a bride that is passionate about getting married and cannot be swayed by circumstances. I am calling for people, that instead of falling apart, they climb to another level in perilous times.

I want a body that knows how to love Me and knows how to love one another. Many are crying out to see God work, but they ignore the work of God that needs to be seen by serving their brother and sister. I want a people that are passionate about seeing one another grow into mature sons and daughters of God. I am looking for a people that know how to forebear with one another and walk in the unifying power of my Spirit.

I am building something in you that no program or man-made structure can build. I am building a church on an unshakable identity as overcomers. I am raising you up a people with a humble heart, who have gone through the fire, so they have an authentic fire to offer their world. I am not interested in fake fire, strange fire or manufacture fire. I am interesting in releasing a pure fire.

This fire is only available to the overcomer. . . the remnant . . . the ones who remain to the end. I am not interested in how you started. I am calling you to a strong finish. Today you have a chance to join the ranks of freedom fighters for the Kingdom of God. I am calling you to the heart of an overcomer.

Revelation 2:7 NKJV

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark DeJesus