8 Signs You Are in a Season of Preparation

God is always in the business of molding us, maturing us and preparing us for the next stage of our life. We spend a lot of time experiencing “in-between” seasons, where we are transitioning form one season of life into another. But most of us are not equipped to understand that the in-between is often a season of preparation.

The Season of Preparation can be defined as a set apart season in your life where:

  • your character is developed
  • intimacy with God is enhanced
  • certain hindrances are burnt out of your life
  • divine timing is at work

Seasons of preparation can enter many times in your life, as we often go through many transitions, where we need to move from one season to another. I would even argue that we are always in preparation for what is to come. But are we tuned into what God is preparing us for?

Here are some signs that you are in your own season of preparation.

1. You are about to step into something new.

You are on the precipice of change. Transition is upon you, as you feel the divine pull to move from where you are, into a new potential for your life and calling.

2. You have a dream you are pursuing, but things haven’t opened up.

Masses of believers have stepped out with great faith, pursuing dreams of epic proportions. Yet soon after, they were met with great resistance and disappointments. This is a time for God to prepare you and mold you for the next season, but you can easily get discouraged and lose heart if you don’t understand the season you are in.

3. You have stepped into a new season, but things feel stagnant.

It’s like you’ve entered into a dry desert. God’s presence seems distant and your hope has taken a hit. God is actually not far away, but this is a different season, intended to dig your roots deeper.

4. You feel like you are in a holding pattern.

It seems like you are waiting forever, held hostage to doors that do not seem to be opening. Don’t lose heart, as there is a timing at work and a development that you can lean into. In the season of preparation, there is a call to work on some specific keys that will enhance what you are about to step into.

5. No matter what you do, there seems to be no breakthrough.

You are working on yourself and tenaciously pressing against obstacles and walls of resistance. But nothing seems to budge. Although breaking spiritual limitations is incredibly important, you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the silver bullet that will propel you to the next level. Many times, we just need to simply lean into the learning the growing journey God has before you.

6. You’re confused and question if you made the right decision.

A great symptom that The Season of Preparation is upon you is when you step out, but you constantly struggle with confusion. You wonder if you made the wrong decision. You are filled with double-mindedness and lack clarity on what to do next.

7. Deep discouragement hits you, you feel like quitting or you struggle to have motivation.

I have watched this in my own life and countless people I have worked with. The enemy comes in like a flood to wear you down with constant discouragement, to chip away at your hope and drain your heart of motivation. There can be a constant desire to quit and abandon the dreams of your heart completely.

Many who are experiencing this are actually manifesting depression. They may not even know it, but their hearts have taken a hit. They need encouragement and insight to help them heal and move forward with greater confidence.

8. You feel stuck.

If you express that you feel stuck, this is a key place of decision for you. Feeling stuck can become long term if our thinking is not stretched. These stuck seasons are actually signals that we lack insight, experience or maturity to move forward. Therefore, it’s important to lean heavily into the learning that is needed at this time.

Feeling stuck may also reveal there is some baggage of your history that needs to be processed through so that you experience greater wholeness. Feeling stuck also reveals you may have some limiting thinking and beliefs that need to be worked out.

The good news is that God wants to move forward with you, but you may need to recognize that you are in a season of preparation. The learning and growth can be incredibly powerful if you lean into it.

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