40 Signs You Struggle to Love Yourself

If you might be wondering if you struggle to love yourself, here are some revealing signs that you need to address this issue in your life. Most of us need to learn what it means to love ourselves in a healthy and whole way, but it may take some time to identify your need to grow in this.

Here are 40 signs that you need to address the subject of loving yourself. You don’t need to manifest all 40. Just a couple of them show you need to take the next step.

  1. Just the mention of “loving yourself” makes me feel uncomfortable.
  2. I am uncomfortable looking in the mirror or seeing pictures of myself. 
  3. I do not like the sound of my own voice. 
  4. I constantly feeling emotionally cold or numb. 
  5. I have trouble feeling good about myself most of the time. 
  6. I don’t receive love from others well. 
  7. I spend a lot of time wondering “what’s wrong with me?” 
  8. I have a hard time feeling loved and valued, unless I am doing something. (even then it doesn’t satisfy) 
  9. I live under a lot of emotional pressure. 
  10. I am hard on myself. (I find myself saying, “I am my own worst enemy.”) 
  11. I am constantly evaluating myself with criticism.
  12. I feel like I’m fighting myself all the time. 
  13. I can extend love and help to others, but I struggle to walk in that for myself. 
  14. I have a hard time scheduling time for myself. 
  15. I seem to have a hurt that I can’t put my finger on. 
  16. I fall into emotional spirals fairly easily. (Especially discouragement, despair or depression) (One bad thing happening becomes a domino for me, making everything seem negative and/or bleak.) 
  17. The words I say about myself are often negative and self-defeating. 
  18. I often think other people do not love me or accept me. 
  19. I have struggles with busyness and constant activities to fill my life. 
  20. I feel like I have to earn God and/or other people’s love. 
  21. I feel loved and accepted only by achieving or looking successful. 
  22. I have struggles with addictions (of any kind). 
  23. I struggle with taking care of myself. (personal hygiene, physical fitness, nutrition, etc.) 
  24. My surroundings all seem cluttered or in disarray. 
  25. I tend to look at life negatively and I go negative in conversations fairly quickly and easily. 
  26. I struggle to believe that God has a good future for me. 
  27. If I am honest, I complain a lot. 
  28. Because of my emotional pain, I injure myself, overeat or numb out. 
  29. I struggle with feeling connected relationally. 
  30. I have a hard time with failure, being vulnerable and showing weakness. 
  31. What people see of me is often a false persona. 
  32. I can lose great relationships with people because I don’t love myself.  
  33. I compare myself to others a lot. 
  34. I am a perfectionist. 
  35. I am overly self-aware and hypersensitive of what I am feeling and how everything affects me. 
  36. I can become very selfish and self-centered at times in my choices and actions.  
  37. I do not handle hard times in my life well at all. (When times get tough, I go into victim and self-pity thinking.) 
  38. I feel angry a lot. 
  39. Joy is hard for me to experience. 
  40. I am not happy. 

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