3 Key Decisions Overcomers Make

Moving from status-quo living to overcoming often comes down to simple decisions. We are often a few strong decisions away form everything changing in our lives.

The overcoming heart sees every situation in their life as an opportunity to overcome. In order to develop this mindset, there are some foundational decisions we need to establish in our lives that build this tenacious character trait in us.

Here are three decisions I find to be critical in the process:

1. Overcomers Are “All In” 

We often want maximum results with half-hearted investment. Modern day culture loves to find short cuts and easier ways to experience the blessing of transformation.

We often want maximum results with half-hearted investment.

If you are not all-in for your personal transformation, then as soon as things get a little difficult, you will bail out. You will find a person to blame or a reason to justify why you didn’t stay the course.

When it comes to your personal transformation, no one can want it more than you do.

When it comes to your personal transformation, no one can want it more than you do.[/shareable]

I have learned over the years that each of us must take personal responsibility for our healing and freedom. Jesus asked a man, “Do you want to be healed,” because our personal choice and engagement is critical in the process of transformation. In fact, your decision to go all in will be challenged. If you make the decision ahead of time, you don’t have to give into debate when the going gets tough.

I don’t want to lie to you. The transformation process is amazing, but it will be uncomfortable. What we serve in our thinking and what we rely on will be challenged. Resistance will come against us. But an all-in mentality will keep you steadfast through every stage of the process.

God is one hundred percent invested in your personal transformation, but He will not override your choice or lack of heart investment. When I hit a personal crossroads in my life, the only way I am going to experience the change I long for is to be all in every step of the way.

2. Overcomers Do Whatever it Takes

I cannot ask God for breakthrough and then demand how I want it to play out.

I once had a middle aged woman say to me, “I will do absolutely whatever it takes. Even if I have to strap myself naked to the front of the car and be driven through town, I will do that.” I am not saying that God will ask you to do that, but the less you put conditions on how your journey needs to pan out, the more you will be able to live the overcoming journey.

Too many people waste years being angry at God because their life didn’t pan out the way they wanted it to. Many times the things we face are the greatest opportunity to experience tremendous growth. Yet many miss out on the opportunity to adjustment and change.

From this moment on, you have the power to decide that you want your life to change. The overcomer knows he has the ability to decide and is willing to lean into the growth process whenever times get tough.

You have the power to decide if you want your life to change. 

In order to do whatever it takes, I have to be willing to sacrifice, pay the price, make the investments and get the mentoring necessary. I cannot get where I need to go and grow into who I really can be by doing what I have always done. A changed life is going to take changing how I think and how I live.

3. Overcomers Won’t Back Down or Quit.

Overcomers are tempted to quit all the time. The key is, they have made the decision ahead of time to never quit. Quitting and backing down are never an option. They may have tough days, weak days and seemingly impossible days, but they don’t quit.

I find that many people start off strong with great passion, but fizzle out when the resistance rises. People make these grandiose declarations about what they are going to do, but you never hear from them later on. The pressures and challenges took them out. In fact, I think we live in a spiritual graveyard where many souls are physically alive, but have been spiritually taken out.

That is why the overcomer is crucial in these next days. They carry what it takes to run the race to the end. They look at trials as opportunities to grow. They see setbacks as times to regroup and evolve. Overcomers look at failures as places they can learn the most.

Overcomers see trials as opportunities to grow.

You can tell an overcomer by their attitude. Their thinking sets them apart. Any belief system or thought system that does not line up with how God made them to be as something they can overcome.

Overcomers are not limited by their temptations nor formed by their past heartache. They’ve made the decision that everything that is not of God can and will be overcome. That’s an amazing attitude to carry!

But don’t overwhelm yourself. The good news is you can be an overcomer today. It’s all about making a firm decision that you stick with. And I believe that many of you are one strong decision away form everything changing

You are one strong decision away from everything changing.

Remember, it’s not about how you start that makes you an overcomer. It’s how you finish.

I believe you have what it takes to overcome.

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