21 Signs Not Loving Yourself is Hurting Your Ability to Heal

When we struggle to love ourselves the way God loves us, it impacts our journey of being able to heal. Our hearts were meant to heal and mature in the environment of love. But if you don’t love yourself through the journey, you’ll constantly get sabotaged.

Love is meant to set the stage for the healing you need. But here are some signs that you are NOT loving yourself, which is having a negative impact on your journey.

  1. I am so hard on myself, so remembering things about my past are so uncomfortable. 
  2. The replays of my past haunt me. 
  3. I don’t do well talking about my past. 
  4. I suppress a lot of painful experiences. 
  5. I am really hard on myself and don’t give much room for grace. 
  6. I have a really hard time letting go or moving on in relationships. 
  7. I have a lot of guilt struggles in my relationships. 
  8. I struggle with guilt when I try to connect with God. 
  9. I have a hard time letting go of mistakes. 
  10. I am hard on my shortcomings and mistakes. 
  11. I do not receive correction very well. I get very defensive and angry. 
  12. I have perfectionism issues, to the point where joy in my life is missing.
  13. I cannot enjoy a party or a social event until everything is “perfect.” 
  14. I spend a significant amount of time introspecting. 
  15. I hate certain traits in other people, but really it stems from me hating that issue in myself. 
  16. I am negative about my past often. 
  17. It’s hard for me to see the good in certain areas of my life. 
  18. I become angry and irritated inside when others are having joy. I wonder why I feel that way in the midst of other people having a good time. 
  19. I ended up marrying someone who has traits that I hate the most. 
  20. I find that I pick fights a lot, even when I don’t mean to. 
  21. I just don’t feel forgiven, clean or pure. 

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