20 Signs that NOT Loving Yourself is Impacting Your Relationship with God

If you want to have a powerful relationship with God, you will need to learn how to receive from Him. Loving yourself as God loves you is a way that you say “yes” and “amen” to all that God says about you.

If you struggle to love yourself, it’s a sign that you probably struggle to receive from God. Having fruitful connection with the Father is going to be based on your ability to believe and receive from Him. It’s not based on all your busy work and pressure filled living. His love is all about learning to receive, while yielding to the flow that His grace provides.

But here are 20 signs that NOT loving yourself as God loves you is actually having a negative impact on your relationship with God.

  1. I am not able to receive love from God on a regular basis. 
  2. I only feel comfortable doing things for God and “busying” myself. 
  3. I struggle in just sitting in God’s presence, feeling connected to Him, loved by Him and aware of who He is as my Loving Father. 
  4. When I am going through a hard time, I don’t go to God. I often stay busy or go to a certain habit to deal with pain. When I do go to God, I don’t feel like it helps me heal. 
  5. I can avoid God and go to other vices for healing my pain and discomforts. 
  6. My time talking to God is based more on what I need than just enjoying connection with Him. 
  7. I’m not able to fully express to God what I am feeling, in a way that is fruitful. 
  8. I spend more energy working on what I can do, rather than trusting in God’s grace working through me. 
  9. I struggle to see my greater potential. 
  10. It’s hard to believe that God has amazing gifts for me. 
  11. I have a hard time slowing down and quieting myself in general. 
  12. I often feel numb or blank emotionally regarding God’s love. 
  13. I can give out love to others, but sitting and receiving love is foreign and even uncomfortable. 
  14. I’m afraid to approach God fully. 
  15. Spending time with God is not very fruitful for me. 
  16. I do not feel confident in my walk with God. 
  17. If I was to be really honest, I struggle with being angry at God. 
  18. I am often tempted to blame God for my troubles. 
  19. I feel like God has forgotten me at times. 
  20. I feel I need to be “perfect” to be able to interact with God.

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