What is the Rest of God?

And Why Are We Not Living In It?

Rest of God

For over ten years, I’ve been fascinated about what it means to live in the rest of God. Growing up, the subject was mentioned in church, but how to actually process this rest seemed so foreign. In fact, the rest of God is actually one of the most counter cultural precepts in Scripture. It goes […]

#160: Finding Rest in the Midst of a Busy Life

How Sabbath Living Can Enhance Heart Healing and Refreshment

Rest, Sabbath

How do you experience healing for your heart and get the refreshment you need while having a busy life? Is it possible to experience rest and peace of heart in the midst of a full schedule and a demanding life? Can we experience the healing our hearts need while in difficult times or added pressures […]

#014: Did God Just Say Something? | Q&A: Drivenness vs Rest [Podcast]

In today’s episode entitled, “Did God Just Say Something?” I am going to uncover some various ways that God can speak to us. I also address in our Q&A segment a question, where I address drivenness and rest in a question, “What is the difference between drivenness and passion?” Q&A Segment: Drivenness vs Rest Jordan […]

#011: Who is Talking in My Thoughts? | Overcoming Chronic Busyness [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I address a question regarding dealing with chronic busy living. Also, our feature presentation is entitled, “Who is Talking in My Thoughts?” as I help you understand the four sources of thought. This will help us understand where thoughts come from. Q&A Segment: Overcoming Chronic Busyness With Replenished Living In reference to article […]