Entering into Rest by Cutting Yourself Some Slack


Many times people ask me, “how long did it take you to overcome chronic anxiety?” or “how long did it take for the healing process?” Yet one of the biggest things that has helped me over the years is to be patient with myself and the transformation. I push myself to learn, but it took […]

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Five Ways You Can Let Go & Engage Rest

Learning to Let Go

One of the reasons we can’t land into rest is we struggle to let go. To many, this is one of the scariest actions to take. Their lives are full of stress and tension, but it’s the only way they know how to live. So letting go doesn’t seem fun. I remember having an experience […]

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4 Reasons Unbelief Keeps You From Rest

Unbelief and Rest

We can leave rest as quickly as enter into it. Yet I find that most people beat themselves up about it, rather than getting the perspective they need to enter into and remain in the rest of God.   Personally, I didn’t know that we actually need to labor to get into rest, as soon […]

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What is the Rest of God?

Rest of God

For over ten years, I’ve been fascinated about what it means to live in the rest of God. Growing up, the subject was mentioned in church, but how to actually process this rest seemed so foreign. In fact, the rest of God is actually one of the most counter cultural precepts in Scripture. It goes […]

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