7 Ways to Get Your Perspective Back


As we transition into our new home base in North Carolina, Melissa and I have paused to consider all that has happened in the past six months that have moved us from one chapter into another. We feel the new season upon us, but at the same time, the pressures, stresses and feelings of overwhelm […]

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Stress Relief: When We Lose Perspective

When I lose my perspective, everything starts to fall like dominos. The overwhelm factor takes over and I cannot see clearly. What once made sense, now seems so out of reach. When I lose perspective, thoughts I can normally cast down seem to have greater authority over me. Stress rises and energy drains quickly. My […]

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Your Perspective is Everything

I have recently moved south from New England down to North Carolina. In just a few months, I have already experienced some weather differences that define regional perspectives. Cold and hot temperatures can produce different perspectives, depending on where you live:  At 60 degrees, folks in Florida turn the heat on. New Englanders plant gardens. […]

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