Personal Help Information

Please Read through the Following:

I bring a strong commitment to the one on one sessions that I have an honor of participating in. My commitment to session work is to provide a loving environment where I am provide insightful perspectives and practical tools for the healing and freedom journey.

My consultations are best described by the word coach. An effective coach assesses the situation, identifies the factors that need to be addressed and creates a plan so that the player is equipped for victory. A great coach helps you discover what you cannot see, so that you can remove hinderances and walk into greater fruitfulness.

My approach is an equipping process–putting tools in your hands to become empowered for healing and freedom. My work is about helping someone who wants change and is willing to take personal responsibility for walking it out.

Who do I Work With?

  • A person who has a deep desire for transformation and they are ready to make the necessary changes for growth.
  • Someone who is teachable, willing to listen and learn.

What is the Session Cost?

Our coaching journey will start off with a one-time initial coaching session: $299 US. 

As a part of that session, we will figure out what may be the best option moving forward.

If it is recommending to continue a coaching journey together, the following options can be considered:

    • $249 a month for one 50 minute session a month.
    • $399 a month for two 50 minute sessions a month.
    • $649 a month for weekly 50 minute sessions (4 sessions).

What is Included in the Coaching Package?

  1. A personal coaching experience via video or phone.
  2. An audio recording of the sessions to review the insights and application that is covered in the session.
  3. Email support in between sessions.

Not Ready to Invest in Personal Coaching?

Here are some ways you can get some great help right now.

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2. Access My Free Online Library

I have categorized and developed a large online library that you can utilize today as you take further steps in your healing and freedom journey.

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Do you meet with everyone who applies?

I will prayerfully consider each application that comes in, but I am not always able to work with every situation that comes in.

Do you take insurance?

At this time, we do not take insurance.

Do you offer a pre-phone call for questions?

At this time, I am not able to do pre-phone calls to answer questions.

Feel free to use our contact page if you have any further questions and we can do our best to reply.

Can we meet in person?

Right now I am doing all my coaching sessions virtually, meaning by phone or video call.