Coaching for Your Calling

It is a joy to bring a coaching and mentoring experience to those who are seeking to develop their identity, calling and influence in ways that are meaningful and in alignment with how God has wired them.

Do you have the passion and desire to:

1. Write?

2. Self-publish a book?

3. Develop a blog and online platform to share your passion?

4. Podcast?

5. Coach and help others?

6. Refine and clarify your calling?

If you are looking for help in any of these areas, then consider a consultation, where I can meet with you and give you some tools and direction to expression your passion with effectiveness and excellence. So many people have wonderful talents, gifts and passions, but just need the equipping to get their message out there.

With over 25 years+ of experience in various leadership and mentoring roles, I am happy to be a help to your life and help you express your calling authentically.

If you are looking to schedule a consultation, click the link to fill out the form below.

Cost: $349 for a 90 minute coaching experience