Bitter Free!

Bitter Free BookHow to Forgive Anyone, Resolve Conflict and Overcome Anger

By Mark DeJesus

Do you want to forgive but struggle with how to do it?

Do you find yourself getting angry a lot?

Do you struggle to resolve conflicts in your life?

In this book, Mark will expose the work of bitterness as a trap in your life, intended to keep you from healthy and whole relationships. Through straight forward insights and practical application, you will learn to free yourself of a root of bitterness so that you can take your life back, bitter free!

This book will not only show you the importance of forgiveness, but expose what keeps you from being able to forgive.


You will be equipped in this book to:

  • Break down the armor that bitterness uses to keep you angry, hurt and offended.
  • Disarm all works of bitterness in your life, including unforgiveness, resentment, “get even” kind of thinking and judgmentalism.
  • Walk through an effective process to forgive absolutely anyone, no matter how badly they hurt you.
  • Increase your ability to love and see people the way God sees them.
  • Do more than “manage” anger battles. Get free from them!
  • Practice guaranteed conflict resolution principles.
  • Live out forgiveness in any situation.
  • Includes special reference sections that address the hard issues of relationship struggles.


Bitterness, Forgiveness, Anger, Conflict


Chapter Outline:

INTRODUCTION: 10 Reasons Why You Need This Book 


2. RESENTMENT: The Record of Wrongs

3. RETALIATION: Pay for What You Did! 

4. ANGER, WRATH & RAGE: A Passionate Flame or Fiery Inferno?

5. SHUT THE DOOR: Exposing Open Doors & Triggers to Anger

6. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Confronting and Overcoming Anger

7. HATRED: I Withhold Love from You

8. VIOLENCE & MURDER: Destroying Others Through Words & Actions 

9. HOW TO FORGIVE ANYONE: Living the Bitter-Free Lifestyle 

10. TALKING IT OUT: Effective Conflict Resolution

11. LIVING IT OUT: Manifesting the Forgiving Lifestyle 

What Others Are Saying:

Finally, a book that highlights the truth about bitterness! Must read!

I have struggled with bitterness and anger my whole life but chalked it up to being “part of my personality”. This book changed that! Truth is God wants us to be free of bitterness and to let go of the hurts of the past. Not to forget, but so we can live life to the fullest and for the work that He has set for us! This book is an easy read and great for people who know that have anger, aren’t sure if they are bitter or simply want to grow in their faith. Mark DeJesus has really outdone himself this time, I highly recommend this book!

Five Stars

Absolutely the most helpful book on dealing with the issue of offense and bitterness!

This is one of the few times I have seen a good explanation of self-bitterness. 

When I started to read this book, I didn’t think I had any bitterness. However, Bitter Free helped me do a thorough inventory and realize where I still had unforgiveness. It also helped me recognize where I had stuffed my bitterness. This is also one of the few times I’ve seen a good explanation of self-bitterness. I would recommend.

Another very powerful and life-changing book by Mark DeJesus

This teaching shines God’s light on the deep-rooted causes of bitterness/anger and and the toxic effects it has on individuals and our culture. But it doesn’t stop there! Pastor Mark imparts God-given strategies to overcome bitterness and anger so we can experience freedom and wholeness in our lives and our relationships. Whether you desire wholeness and healing for yourself or you desire to minister to others, this book is a MUST READ. As I read this book God did a deep healing work in my own heart.


Expose bitterness and get it out of your life. 

Live a bitter-free lifestyle!

Carry the ability to forgive absolutely anyone . . . everyday!

Don’t just manage anger. Overcome deadly anger!

Resolve conflicts effectively!

Begin living Bitter Free today!