What is an Overcomer?

The word overcomer is an end times word, emphasized in the book of Revelation and some other passages in the New Testament. It carries a key description for what is needed to finish strong. Overcomers carry a victorious heart regardless of intense resistance that comes against them. In modern living, we are able to have […]

#029: Lack of Nurture and Why We “Check Out” in Life [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we continue to discuss nurture and the lack thereof, with a focus on why people fall into a habit of checking out in life. What is causing so many people to fall into what we call “checking out.” Do you check out in life? Is it starting to become a problem? In this episode […]

When You See More than they Can See

Have you seen a greater potential in someone than what they could see in themselves? Unfortunately, you can only pour into someone what they are able to take in and process. Great spiritual leaders are those who can see the potential of someone far greater than what is currently manifesting. Equipping that person to grasp […]

Your Words Making Room

As believers, we ought to be daily empowering those around us in who God says they are. A lot of this comes right down to how we speak to one another. Most of our words are not empowering towards others, because we have tolerated a lesser identity for them. Maybe through what the person manifests […]

Your “Unlikely” Victory Can Be Right Around The Corner

On May 5th, many celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which is Spanish for the “fifth of May.” Most Americans treat this holiday as they often do many others – any excuse to go out and party without even realizing what the holiday commemorates. Cynco de Mayo has an interesting history that can bring some encouraging spiritual […]