Over the years I have thoroughly enjoying seeing God heal and transform people’s lives. One of the ways I get to celebrate new stages of growth and God’s power is in officiating wedding ceremonies. It is a pleasure of mine to oversee the weddings of couples who desire to serve God together and learn the power of God’s love we can experience in marriage.

I have often said, “I don’t do weddings. I do marriages.” It is my heart to be someone who can encourage and empower you beyond your wedding day, to build a powerful and successful marriage.

I am not always able to perform every wedding that I am invited to officiate, but if me performing your ceremony becomes possible, here are the commitments and agreements:

1. Meeting

I love to sit down with the couple to be and get to know them and their relationship. I take some time to get to know your story and the unique journey God has you on.

At this meeting, we can also take some time to discuss the ceremony and what the bride and groom desire to have in the flow of the service. But most of all, I can give council and insights to help you get your marriage off to the right start.

2. Pricing

For me to perform your wedding ceremony, I ask that a donation of $300 be made out to Turning Hearts Ministries. This can be paid by check, cash through the web site online, through the THM Web Site.

(If I am needed for the rehearsal, I request an additional $75.)

3. Ceremony

I take time for each ceremony to make it special and heart-felt. I am committed to make your service a memorable event, where I will speak life and love over your covenant.

4. Commitment

I make it my commitment to be a supportive voice in your life. As you start your marriage and new journey, I will seek to be a person who prays for your marriage and stands as an encouraging presence in your new journey.

Use the form below I will be in contact with you.

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