Testimonials: What Others Are Saying

Here is feedback many have given on receiving coaching session help: 

Mark says things in a way that helps me connect to my heart. I get perspective–a window of what’s going on inside, to show what I could not see. And he communicates it in a way that I get it.

I have been so encouraged and inspired in my journey of healing by my time I have spent together with Mark. He is very personable and open and I feel very confident I made the right choice seeking his counsel. He is a man of powerful influence and has such care and concern. Any time spent with Mark is well worth it!

When I first came to Mark, I was extremely broken and had no hope for myself. I quite honestly, didn’t know what to do. My pain was so great, I was starting to shut down. My husband and I came to Mark as a last option for help. My first time meeting with Mark, he made me feel so comfortable and understood. I suddenly didn’t feel alone with what I was battling. That alone brought healing. He was the first person to understand me and speak life into my situation. I didn’t feel shame talking about my life, hurt, and insecurities. Mark creates a safe place and shows such grace and understanding.

Through our time meeting with Mark, he helped me see the root issues of my pain and gave me a space to process and heal from wounds I have been holding onto since my childhood. He showed me what it looked like to love myself into true freedom. Mark encouraged growth and empowered me to see truth and walk into true freedom. He didn’t keep me in my pain, but showed me how to heal from it to create lasting change. I am now completely different from when I started meeting with Mark. I went from being deeply affected by pain and full of hopelessness, to being empowered, free and changed. Mark is an absolute joy to work with and I am confident he can help you. 

My deliverance and healing journey began the way you’d pretty much expect… ugly, messy and downright unpleasant. It was not easy to turn certain things around in my life, although in many ways I’m still in the process. Like many men before me, I had to make a choice. I had to decide to “…put away childish things.” I had to make the hard decision to grow up. This is a choice I then realized I must do daily. But, it’s one I’m glad I continue to make. When I first met Mark DeJesus, my marriage was hanging by a string. Thanks to a praying wife who doesn’t believe in divorce, I decided to give it one last opportunity. We’ve been to many counselors. My problem? Pornography. At least, that’s what I thought, until I conversed with Mark for the first time. After some counseling sessions, and the help of some of his books, ‘‘Overcoming the Rejection Mindset’’ & ‘’God Loves me, and I Love Myself’’, Mark helped me to get down to the root of the problem, pointing out that pornography was not my issue. It’s what I ran to in order to mask the pain of the issues I had carried for many years. Once I faced those issues, and began to stand on the authority of the word, pornography and the spirits connected to them began losing power. I could now say “No!” with all confidence. And, all glory to the Father, I don’t have to feel ashamed anymore. I’m now well on my way to living a Transformed life. Thank you, Mark!

I would highly recommend personal coaching with Mark DeJesus. He is able to discern the things you don’t understand and point you in the right direction in terms of teachings. The “homework” assigned was also very helpful in getting me to progress with my individual issues.

I heard of Mark through a question he address on his podcast. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check out just who Mark was. Well I must say that I was hooked on his podcast from day one! I later introduced them to my wife and she was also blown away as well. As time went on, I learned through Mark’s resources (podcast, blog and written books as well as his online courses) that I had deeper wounds that these resources simply could not do enough to heal.

That is when I jumped in on Mark’s paid coaching/life changing calls. And once I made this investment, my world started to drastically change for the better. By speaking to me as an individual and with my wife, we started uncovering many things that continued to hinder my growth and progress as a son, husband and father. By connecting with Mark, my growth and progress has increased tremendously both in depth as well as speed of progress. But that would never had happened unless I stepped up and made the investment in time with Mark.

With the way things are now a days, Mark and Melissa are rare gems that when discovered they are treasured and appreciated. If you are thinking about investing in any way with this ministry, think no further. I assure you that if you do your part, your return on investment into you life will be beyond any possible measure you can use. Each day you wait is another day you will need to use to get back on track where God want’s to bring you.

At a time in my life when I needed a strengthened connection with my Father God, I was blessed with the gift of Mark and Melissa DeJesus….feeling the positive energy from my growing faith, I made an easy decision to dig deeper to become the overcomer I knew I wanted to be. I started sessions with Mark and Melissa to face my issues head on. To put into words the absolute blessing both Mark and Melissa have become to me is nearly impossible. From breaking rejection strongholds to generational iniquities, Mark and Melissa have a gift to work through the difficult issues we all possess to help create healthy and healed Christians.

I now have a very solid Identity as a son of God, thanks to Mark’s teachings which really require you to reflect to understand the depth of who we are and why. Focusing on how we are viewed by our Father God. If you are a person looking to strengthen your faith, or a person needing help to heal from the wounds of your life, Mark and Melissa DeJesus are a perfect resource. I am a testament to their work as I am a changed man simply because of the knowledge and blessings they’ve poured on me through our Christian faith. I’m forever grateful for this journey which they are walking with me on. True Brothers and Sisters through Christ our Savior.

About a year ago I was an absolute mess inside. I have been a Christian for years but I was struggling with schizophrenia, fear, panic, fear of God, hell, self-hate, and insecurity. I started listening to “transformed you” and through this podcast I was equipped to conquer schizophrenia (audible hallucinations). I decided to have a personal coaching session with Mark to slay the rest of these dragons. In the first session he helped me understand what an unloving spirit does and how it blocks the Father’s love. I needed to know that my Dad in heaven loves me.

Mark gave me the tools to battle panic attacks and self hatred. I actually applied these tactics this week and it worked! I’m smiling as I wrote that. I wish everyone would sign up for a personal coaching section. Mark was very in tuned to what I needed to hear personally. All I needed to do was be transparent. I felt God’s presence as I walked up the stairs, and when I entered his office I felt very relaxed. It’s nicely decorated and has a charming ambiance. Mark is such a great guy and extremely easy to talk to. I will definitely be continuing coaching sessions. 

Mark has such a gift for sharing these deep, “scary” topics and helping people realize they’re not that scary at all, once you start getting real and working through them with the Holy Spirit.”

Mark DeJesus ministers love and truth out of his own journey of healing and deliverance. He has learned how the truth of the gospel applied in radical, persistent, relentless faith has set him free and he has learned how to model and teach and minister this journey for others to apply and follow. Mark is a good listener and a skilled communicator. I would commend his ministry to anyone who is in search of freedom. Thanks Mark for your sincere heart and willingness to server our Lord! 

Receiving personal coaching from Mark has been life changing on so many levels. Mark and Melissa created a comfortable, intimate environment to share, grow, and learn. Matters were always handled in a professional, yet personal manner. As a man, I always felt safe exposing my deep hurts, fears, and brokenness. I always left feeling heard and renewed, as well as encouraged and inspired to continue on with my journey in healing my broken heart. Marks coaching and teachings are truly a God sent gift that has FOREVER changed my life!

Over the course of 20+ years I had been to counselors and psychiatrists, both Christian and secular, looking for answers and understanding from my struggles with chronic depression. Nothing and no one seemed to help for long. The doctors repeatedly said “it’s a chemical imbalance and you need to stay on meds.” But even that wasn’t really helping. When I started receiving personal coaching from Mark, things finally started to change for me. The chains finally started to break and freedom started to come!! If you are really serious about getting free there is no other place around. I’ve been anti-depressant free for over 5 years!

Mark and Melissa’s counsel during several ministry sessions have been such a huge blessing on me, my family and my marriage. The sessions have provided a valuable blueprint for how I live my life and interact with my Father, my Dad. Another equally important lesson was how to deal with the enemy! I would highly recommend ministry sessions & coaching for everyone no matter where you are in your walk, whether a new Christian or an experienced pastor! You like me will be very blessed that you did and appreciate the value that is coming forth from here.

Personal work with Mark has helped me work through some very tough times. Their strategies in using the Healing & Freedom Modules have been very beneficial in my every day life. My relationships with my kids & my marriage has been deeply affected for good. My time spent in personal ministry, allowed me to work through some issues I was struggling to overcome on my own. This has caused me to look at my future in a much more hopeful way. I’ve been on my journey of overcoming! I’m very thankful for the time that has been invested in me & my family by Mark & Melissa!

I have deeply benefitted from receiving ministry help. It has affected my body, soul and spirit. It has changed my life with the way I relate to my family and friends and even in my day to day events! I’ve seen a big difference in my daily prayers, anxiety levels, having compassion for others and myself! I have been healed of Depression (with a Capitol D) and self-pity. I have stopped taking over 50 medications for insomnia and many more issues. Even better I don’t feel like a victim I’m a conqueror in Jesus name! If there is anything I would advise others of it would be to have ministry coaching from Mark and Melissa. 

After hearing great things about Marks counseling from a family member, my husband and I decided to go see him. We were in the midsts of some big transitions in our lives, both spiritually and professionally and it was starting to affect our marriage. Mark was a great listener and was able to cut through the confusion to speak truth and life over us. When we had our baby, he even made house calls! We loved meeting with Mark so much, we have referred him to all of our friends! Honestly, we don think we would have made it through without his help.