The Fear that Makes us Impatient

Fear, Impatient

When my son Maximus was learning to talk as a little boy, one of the first sentences I remember him learning to say is, “Waiting is boring.” He’s right. But learning to wait is one of the most powerful habits to develop. It develops patience, a powerful arsenal in the Kingdom of God. James says […]

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7 Ways to End the Trap of Worry


Worry is the fear of the future and the fear of tomorrow. It projects into the future what you hope will not happen. Most people waste their lives in the world of worrying, even though we know it will do them no good. Survival mechanisms keep wanting to train us all that worrying will somehow […]

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You Are Not Alone

I feel like a bunch of people need to hear this. Do you feel all alone in your battles? In this video I share about the need to realize you are not alone in all this. Get encouraged to know what is happening over your life and what God can do. Get your copy of I […]

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