S09 Ep05: Toxic Parents

Toxic parents can be at the top of the list when it comes to relationship healing that we need in our life. The truth is, most of your deep heart struggles lead back to how you relationship with dad and mom was formed. Some can struggle to see the connection between their current battles and their parental relationship, but the truth is, so much goes back to that foundation. For many, the wounds are toxic experiences that leave their hearts contaminated with deep struggles.

In today’s episode, I want to speak to the subject of toxic parents by first helping you to see the importance of the father and mother relationship. There is a major spiritual war taking place over the home; starting in marriages, which is cultivating broken and toxic environments. This leads to impact the life of the children in negative ways.

You don’t have to reproduce the toxicity you grew up with. But you will need to position your heart for healing, instruction and new pathways.

Most of what we call toxic parenting is on a spectrum, from overt abusive to the covert and small doses of toxicity. But please understand, if I am in proximity to a low level of toxic chemicals, it will have an effect on me. Wherever you find yourself, there is healing available. But you will need support, strategy and steps to take.

I pray that you will be encouraged in this episode to take the steps you need in order to heal.

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