S04 Ep05: Recovery from Toxic Transition Experiences

I believe that the enemy seeks to attack our hearts the most during seasons of transition. Whether those transitions where expected or seemed to come out of nowhere, we need to be armed for how to process through transitions into the new seasons that God has for us.

But what do we do when we go through a toxic transition? How do we heal from them? What does it look like to recover.

With great honesty, transparency and passion, we do our best to share about our own struggles in transition, while sharing about what we all need to understand when healing and recovering from toxic transition experiences.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Key transitions that we all experience and need equipping for.
  • What kind of healing we need from toxic experiences.
  • Our own struggles in certain transitions of our lives.
  • Key understandings to heal and recover from toxic transition experiences.

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