Podcast Equipment Setup Options

Here are three great equipment options you can consider when starting your very own podcast:

Option #1: Simple

In this option, you just need a microphone and a table stand. Connect the mic to your USB connection on your computer and you can begin recording right away. You will also need an audio recording software to record and edit your audio file.

Option #2: Mobile Setup

Option #3: All In One Pro Studio Setup

  • I currently use the Rode RODECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Studio. It is the best setup I’ve ever encountered. It is an all in one studio setup for mixing, customizing, recording and more. You can connect your cell phone via bluetooth to do interviews. You can also connect your computer as an input, to record video call meetings or interviews. Capable of having 4 microphone inputs. (I recommend purchasing through B&H Photo. They are an authorized dealer.)
  • You will still need a microphone, mic stand and mic cable.

Feel free to email me with any questions on any additional things you will need.