Men’s Mentoring Mastermind

Mentoring the Heart of the Man
Awakening His Identity
Clarifying His Calling

Begins Fall 2019

It is not good for a man to be alone. . .

Many men are quietly struggling and even suffering in a place of isolation. I believe it is the enemy’s plan to keep a man from connecting to other men who can add value and life to his heart.

I am convinced that every man needs other men in his life.

For years, I have been investing in men in a one on one basis, pouring out into their hearts to encourage them to live as the men God has called them to be. I believe that when the heart of a man is deeply impacted by God, it releases a chain reaction in the home, church and community like nothing else.

But our men are under attack. Their potential is being targeted, to keep him from his divine potential. I believe the enemy has used the lack of fathering in our generations as a place to keep a man living underneath what is possible in his life.

With prayerful consideration, I want to create an online gathering, where men can be encouraged and strengthened to:

  • Live free and awakened from the heart
  • Get a solid understanding of who he is
  • Be encouraged to step into what he was made for.

I am launching this group to cultivate connection with men who want to experience the greater potential he carries inside. This group will be an online gathering of men who deeply want to experience freedom in a safe, but empowering environment.

Men's Mentoring Mastermind

Mastermind Format:

The online meetings will be done via Zoom video calls. We will meet twice a month. There will be an opportunity for the men to get to know me and the other members of the group. In addition, each man will also have a chance to “take the mic” and gain input, coaching and encouragement about whatever he is looking for to sharpen his heart, his identity and his world of influence.

Requirements for Entry:

  • A teachable heart.
  • Be committed to the online gatherings.
  • Be a safe person for other men to share their journey.
  • Access is limited as I want to keep the group small.

Program Includes:

  • Two sixty (60 minute) Interactive Zoom Meetings a Month (Date and Times TBD)
  • Your own private log in with access to recordings of the meetings.
  • Private log in access to messaging, Q&A and helpful tips.

Common Questions:

What is your approach in this group?

My first goal is to create a safe, yet empowering place where men can feel comfortable to be sharpened and to add value to other men.

My second will be to create powerful conversations, where we can walk away encouraged and filled with practical steps on how we can live out empowered steps. I want to equip you to heal those places and empower your heart as a man of God.

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What topics will we cover? 

The group will custom designed for the specific men that join this group. But we will cover issues like:

  • Dealing with issues of the heart that men face.
  • How to live as a confident man in your home and community.
  • Connecting to the influence God has put in your path.
  • Working out the struggles that men face in their home, work and ministry.

You can share as much or as little as you wish. Each participant must take their personal journey seriously, but also be a safe person for others to share.

Why the cost?

These two group sessions a month are actually less expensive than two personal sessions with me. But this mastermind will add more value, because of the group dynamic and encouragement you will experience. This is also an investment in your healing and transformation. It also ensures commitment and attention.

What is the commitment?

Those who apply need to commit for at least 3 months. But it is my desire that this group continue to be a growing place to foster powerful relationships, mentoring and empowerment for men.

Will I be able to talk with you, Mark?

I will be hosting all the online gatherings and be present to guide the agenda in a way that is fruitful and helpful to your life.

When does the payment start? 

Once your application is approved, your first payment will begin just before our first meeting.

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