Letting God Love You As His Creation [Video]

For those of you that wrote, asking for the complete message, here it is on video!

I am passionate about helping people gain an amazement for God by seeing how beautifully He is involved in our creation, identity and destiny.

Do you know you need to have a great relationship with yourself? Do you have the ability to truly love yourself as God loves you? Do you know how to really walk in the love that Jesus spoke of, so you can love your neighbor “as yourself.”

In this critical teaching, I uncover the importance of being able to love and accept yourself. I also exposes the war over being able to truly live and accept this.

Pay special attention as I speak to your conception and even pray to the issues that may have surrounded your birth that God wants to heal.

Learn what it means to love who God made you to be and stop being an enemy to yourself!


Matthew 22
Psalm 139

Watch Video

The PBS Nova Special I Referenced is Linked Below:

PBS Life’s Greatest Miracle (Watch Online) 

What I speak about begins around 24 minutes.

What I mentioned in the teaching is referenced approximately around 27:40.