What Does It Mean When You Feel Stuck Are a Broken Record or Going Around the Mountain?

Do you find that you constantly feel stuck? Are you observing that you keep repeating the same story, like a broken record? Do you feel discouraged, feeling like you are going around the same mountain? Today I want to share with you about what these things can mean and how we can approach it more […]

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Mental Health for Christian Introverts

Christian Introvert

What does it look like for a Christian to navigate their mental health journey while realizing they have introverted tendencies? What does it even mean when the words Christian and introvert come together? Today I want to talk about the life of introversion and what living mentally healthy can look like. Video Broadcast: Watch on […]

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Learning to Say NO

If you want to make room to invest in what matters most in your life, you will have to learn to say NO. In fact, healthy people have learned to say NO and say it a lot. Practicing saying NO helps you get clear on what your YES is. But in order to experience this, […]

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