Wanna Make a Change? Do This Next Step

Sometimes we make transformation very complicated. It can often be very simple, especially if we are serous enough.

Developing a new habit or breaking a bad one really comes down to training. We’ve been trained in down to a cellular level to engage in habits and patterns that we’ve been trained in.

Just as simple as it is to become trained in a bad habit, we can become trained in a good habit. The way we can make change more effective is by doing two simple things:
1. Focus on one thing at a time.
2. Create daily actions that feed into the new habit.

So here is my challenge to you. If you want to make a change, pick one area; preferably in an area God is working on in your life. Focus on investing into it for 30 days straight–no compromise and no backing down. You’d be surprised how this can deeply affect your transformational journey.

Sometimes we wonder, “Is this really going to work? Will this habit really help me? Will this change really make a difference?”

I often address this question by saying, “I am going to do this for 30 days straight and see how much of a difference it has made. If it adds value to my transformational journey, I will add it to my lifestyle. If it seems to add nothing, then leave it by the way side.”

I’ve never regretted doing a 30 day challenge.

Many of my life changing habits have come out of 30 day experiments. Most of those 30 day runs ended up becoming permanent habits.

  • I went on a 30 day nutritional detox that changed my life. Now I live in that lifestyle.
  • I spent one month doing daily repentance ministry and it disciplined me to get rid of some unrelenting strongholds.
  • I lived in 30 days of giving thanksgiving every day. I will never be the same.
  • I practiced 30 days of personal declarations and have not stopped since.
  • When I started blogging, I entered a 30 day blogging project, where I disciplined myself to write one article every day. It sent my writing habits into the stratosphere.
  • I’ve done thirty days of specific-focused prayers, which greatly enhanced my prayer life.
  • I have done 30 days straight of journalling. Although I do not journal every day, I find it much easier after that to write my thoughts and process through them on paper.
  • I have woken up earlier for 30 days and it transformed me into more of a morning person.
  • I have done 30 day Bible reading projects, 30 day writing projects and 30 day thinking habits. All of these added to my transformational journey.

I am currently doing a negativity fast for 30 days, with the goal of permanently imbedding a more hope-filled mindset in my life…permanently.

So what do you need to do for 30 days to jump start a season of change? Studies show that you can develop a new habit in 30 days. It takes at least that long to work through the initial resistance that comes up against you keeping that habit.

To make it successful, I recommend keeping in mind the following things:

  1. Pick only one thing to focus on.
  2. Connect to the “why” of the change. Why do you want to make the change? What would happen if you don’t make the change?
  3. Tell yourself, “I can do anything for 30 days.” This helps to minimize the fear that rises up when we seek to make a change.
  4. Have a written description of what is involved in this habit.
  5. Create a daily appointment that helps you focus on the change. Make the appointment non-negotiable. For the 30 days, no taking a day off.
  6. Keep a journal of how it has helped.

Question: What would you like to do for 30 days to create a transformational habit in your life?

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  • Webbgurl2000

    Definitely. I know that the Lord wants me free from using food as a crutch. It’s gluttony, but I use it to soothe my loneliness since I was little.
    Right now, I’m doing a water detox and my doctor has me seeing a dietician soon.
    I’ve always been active so no one really knew it was a secret struggle.
    But after 2 surgeries that left me bedridden and some other setbacks, I couldn’t work out to keep ahead of the weight.

    Now, I’m having to face the emotional issues. Funny, doctors don’t have a script for that!!
    Maybe, you can do a series on emotional eating.

    • Webbgurl2000 I can relate to your struggle. Food issues are tough. With other addictions, we quit the habit all together, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop using drugs, etc. With food, we can’t just stop eating. We still need to eat! So it makes this arena sometimes more daunting. I want to encourage you that there is hope and there is breakthrough available. If you are interested in some of the tools and proceses that have helped me and many nutritionally, send me an email and I would be more than happy to help you.

  • JL3

    This article helped so much, because I’m hard on myself that I don’t get on the treadmill that sits in my living room. I keep feeling disappointment in myself, but disappointment isn’t motivating me to get on the treadmill any faster. I like the treadmill, that is not the problem. It is just that the area of health and body is the last thing on my mind when God is doing such a tremendous work in me right now in other areas of my life. Still, I don’t want to make excuses and what I learned from this article is maybe it is as simple as what you said here:

    So here is my challenge to you. If you want to make a change, pick one area; preferably in an area God is working on in your life. Focus on investing into it for 30 days straight–no compromise and no backing down. You’d be surprised how this can deeply affect your transformational journey.

    I don’t perceive that my health/body is an issue that God is working on. In fact, it feels like an issue on the back burner right now, but my body does need to move regardless. My body is a temple of the Holy Ghost. What I learned from your article is that I could make going on my treadmill for 5 minutes each day a new habit. Commit to it for 30 days, no excuses. If I can do five minutes, I can do 10, and so on. I guess I don’t need my brain to do that. I guess I need to give myself permission that I don’t have to understand why I resist the treadmill, but just get on it! Make it a habit. I think I can do that. JL3

    • I love how you were able to process through the next level of habit and change. Great job!