I know what it’s like to struggle 24/7 in my thoughts and mind. I had to personally confront what my focus was on a daily basis. What was I filling myself with? God spoke to my heart: “What are you going to think about when you get free?”

I had to learn not only what I was getting free from, but I had to get a vision of what I am moving to. We are so used to our toxic thinking that we know of nothing else. We have to learn how to think new before we enter into the land of freedom.

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We have been so conditioned to run from pain and discomfort that it keeps us from the potential we carry.

God is not interested in making us comfortable, but stretching us. To walk in freedom, we need to put ourselves in a position where God must show up: because we really need Him to.

I wanted freedom from my struggles. God wanted to lead me into an identity upgrade. As I began to share my story, I found that the majority of the church had the same issues, but no tools to overcome.

Yet when I step out in faith to help others, I found very few jumped out. I was stunned at how we can be so content to stay in our junk. We often long for comfort more than we desire absolute transformation.

A little bit of my story . . . one thing I had to connect to in experiencing transformation is HUNGER. It’s the one thing I cannot teach you—absolute hunger. One of the reasons we lack hunger is: 1) we have lost the ability to be teachable and 2) we have shut ourselves off to the pain that needs to be healed.

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What do we do about our obsessions and compulsions? Many people write to me, asking for help with their troubling thoughts and struggles in the mind. Whether they have been diagnosed, or they simply struggle to keep unwanted thoughts at bay, there is hope and healing available.

God Loves Me and I Love Myself Book: http://bit.ly/2eX7jnD

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For the past year, we have developed a daily routine with our family to express declarations to imbed God’s love and power in our lives. We encourage our kids to add in their own declarations. In this one, our daughter Abby takes the lead.