One of the greatest needs we have is to process our life with safe people, who will take what we are going through and respond with love and grace. But how do you find those people? In this video, I give you 6 tests you can use to find those people in your life that will be safe for your healing journey.

What does it take to heal a broken heart? Everyone has areas of brokenness that need healing, but how do we go about it? In this video I will share with you 10 steps that we can engage to experience the healing our hearts need.

Everyone needs healing to broken areas of this heart. It is an ongoing journey, but what does it take to engage this process with fruitfulness? Here are some important keys to be aware of if you want to make the best of the healing process.

God is in the process of forming the identity of His sons and daughters. Sonship is a completely different world than spiritual slavery. Yet the thoughts and patterns of slavery seek to infiltrate our lives every day. In this message, I want to help you understand the overcoming mindsets that will help upgrade your impact in this world. Will we continue to live as slaves or walk into what sonship actually looks like?


God does not just have love, He IS LOVE. This message will help tweak your relationship grid with God. It’s time to end the constant striving and performing in attempts to engage the love of God. Until something changes, we will attempt to love God and other people from an empty tank in our hearts.

This talk will exhort you to take your grid for relationship and let the love of the Father enhance it.

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Do we really know how to deal with our past in a healthy way? Have we learned to face our past and allow God to heal us and set us free? What about forgiveness? Are you able to forgive yourself?

What do we do when we cannot seem to forgive ourselves and get past struggles from our past? Watch this video as I address what holds us back and prevents us from moving forward in freedom. This is a response to a letter that was recently submitted as a question.

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This video will encourage you to upgrade your perspective from living as a spiritual slave and into sonship, especially when it comes to loving difficult people. It’s easy to love those who love us back. It’s an entirely different thing to love those are hate us, curse us or even abuse us.

It’s important to have boundaries with people that are toxic, but we are called to upgrade our posture in how we see these people. These three responses can literally change how you maneuver through the most difficult relationships.

Based on Matthew 5:43-47

When addressing the subject of spiritual abuse, I have observed two factors that can make it challenging.
1. Many times the word “abuse” can be thrown around in a way that doesn’t allow for proper inspection. Is everything that happens to us abusive?
2. What about when a church member acts in an abusive way towards a church leader? Are we addressing this enough?
In this video, I discuss 10 ways you can be a healthy part of a local church and not become an abusive church member.