Loving yourself is a missing ingredient in the flow of love. God loves us and it is critical that love ourselves the way that He loves us. It’s important to have the spiritual insights we need to walk in healthier love relationship with God, ourselves and others. But we also need practical tools so we can develop fruitful habits that improve our ability to love ourselves.

In this video, I explain some basic ways that we can immediately begin loving ourselves in a powerful way.

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  • Carol Rodd

    Thank you Mark for this video, book and your heart! I’m still working on heart-insight and feel daily God’s healing and transforming me and my relationships. It goes back to the foundation you and Melissa have given me and others. I feel God daily deals with so many of my hurts and cares sometimes three together because they are intertwined.
    These issues are built up for His good and if I have patience I see the wonderful work at His hands! And I’m amazed at how good He is!
    Carol Rodd

    • Carol! That’s so wonderful to hear! Im honored that our resources equip you and that what you have learned has followed with you in your walk. So happy and proud of you!