I have been spending a lot of time emphasizing the need for healing from spiritual abuse. Unhealed hearts will breed unsafe environments for people to process through their spiritual walk with God. Instead of safety, abuse can easily manifest if there is not a priority for people to live healthy, one with another.

In teaching the course on Healing from Spiritual Abuse, I am including some bonus material on what healthy environments can look like. In this video I give seven key leadership manifestations that show there is signs of health in the culture. I have extracted this from over 20 years of working in different levels of leadership, being a senior leader myself and then spending thousands of hours with people in personal sessions.

As you watch the video, you will see the 7 Manifestations of Healthy Church Leadership:

  1. A healthy mindset of serving, not as slaves, but as sons and daughters. (There’s a big difference!)
  2. Clarity and order, not in a controlling manner, but to give a sense of clarity to the culture.
  3. Loving covering and safety, where love is demonstrated in the culture.
  4. Emotional health and integrity is a high priority and value.
  5. A strong reference for the Word of God that keeps relationships grounded in sanity.
  6. Relational security, where healthy communication, conflict resolution and fruitful discussions can happen.
  7. Empowerment, where people are equipped and built up into their personal potential.

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In this video I expose the top mindset that will keep you from experiencing God’s love and loving yourself. When you struggle to love yourself, this mindset works overtime to keep you from it.

If you want to know how to break free to love yourself, at some point you will have to confront this way of thinking that resists love and even numbs you out to love. I have found it to be one of the greatest enemies to healthy and loving relationships.

Self-hate can masquerade itself in so many different ways, but it keep us from loving ourselves in the way God designed us to. It will put up walls and keep us busy ignoring our pain. Or it will condition us to live as our own worst enemy. At some point, we need to come to terms with this deception and embrace what love means for our lives. Breaking through this resistance is a key to walking in freedom.

Watch this video as I coach you through how to confront self-hate and how to break agreement with it in your life.

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Learning to love yourself the way God loves you is a critical aspect for growing in the love of God. Love was designed to have a flow to it. Yet so many are blocked in the flow of love, because they have not been equipped to receive God’s love and see themselves the way God does.

In this video, I want to go over two critical components to loving yourself. These two areas involve patience and kindness. Watch as I share how you can apply these two pillars of love towards yourself so that you can let love have a powerful work in your heart. Loving yourself doesn’t have to be just a theory, it can become a reality in your life as you really learn to experience the power of love.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How the flow of love operates.
  • What patience and kindness have to do with loving yourself.
  • How you can apply love over your life today.

Begin to see yourself through the eyes of love!

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One of the greatest core struggles manifesting today is the lack of identity. Missing from the heart’s of people is a true confidence in knowing who they are and what makes them unique in this world to make a difference. God has given each of us a powerful identity, but it is very rare to find those who are securely connected to it.

The reason this problem exists in great measure is because we never affirmed in our identity. Identity must be fathered and bestowed into our hearts, or we will spend our lives performing for an identity or looking for approval in all the wrong places.

Every temptation and struggle we have in our lives leads back to forgetting the power of who we are. The restoration process must involve a building of our identity as God sees us and living from the simplicity of being God’s child.

Jesus needed the experience of His Father speaking and affirming His identity. If Jesus needed to hear who He was, then you and I certainly need to hear who we are. In this teaching, I will help you to see the need to know who you are and the three needs we all carry: the need for love, the need to know who we are and the need for approval and validation.

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Special thanks to Jordan Rio for his amazing videography on this message. 


God works His greatest power in and amongst our relationships. Yet personal relationships are often the greatest place of battles that people face.

Relationships can be incredibly challenging, but are worth the investment if we go into them with healthy mindsets. Yet we all have relationships that become incredibly toxic. We look to get away from these relationships because of how much they negatively affect us.

But before you write off the other person as having a whole list of toxic issues, be sure to check the filters that you do relationships. We often carry 3 hindering assumptions that make us blame everyone else and keep us from moving forward into what is available for us relationally.

Do you carry these hindering assumptions into your relationships?

  1. That you know people’s motives. (You not only know what they did, but you claim to know why they did it.)
  2. Your discernment about other people is 100% spot on. (Too much of what we call discernment is our own brokenness being projected onto others.)
  3. That other people can 100% satisfy your inner needs.

Many often say the words, “Just be yourself.” But most people do not even know what that means or what it looks like.

We have spent our lives trying to be someone else or trying to be someone that others expected us to be. In addition, we serve a lot of ways of thinking, where we say, “this is just who I am.” which is not always true.

We are the most powerfully anointed when we simply learn to be ourselves.

But what does it mean to “be yourself” while you are in the midst of transformation?

In this video, I share about some key things you can do today to enter into the rest of simply being yourself.

  1. Let go of pressure.
  2. Let go of performance.
  3. Let go of fabrication.
  4. Let go of comparison.
  5. Become vulnerable.
  6. Learn to be a child….God’s child. 
  7. Learn to practice who you really are.

Engage the most powerful sense of Who You Are as God’s child as you best know now.

For a great resource on living true to who God made you to be, check out Exposing the Rejection Mindset.

I wrote a blog article years ago about my experience of healing from acid reflux and other stomach related issues.

I also addressed this subject in a podcast episode.

But I wanted to put together another video to give you some things I learned and also some things to keep in mind when it comes to healing of our digestion tract.

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When love comes your way, do you deflect it back?

Is there an unworthiness that keeps you from receiving love from God and others.

When we deflect love that is sent our way, deflecting it is not a work of humility, its an unworthy mindset that needs to be broken.

What we often call humility is actually a work of unworthiness that rejects the love that God has for us and keeps us from connecting to the higher identity that is available to us. Break through and learn to receive His love today: http://bit.ly/2eX7jnD

I work with a lot of people who feel stuck or trapped in their journey. They feel they are in the same circumstances with little change in their life. This is one simple thing I help people to do experience more freedom in their walk with God.