True Spiritual Liberty

Every independence day, we have the amazing privilege of celebrating our country’s independence as a nation. With our cookouts and fireworks, we get to feast on the joy of liberty that we have gained in the foundation of our country. That liberty grants each of us freedom and the ability to go after a life of amazing potential.

Liberty Defined

I looked up the word “liberty” online and the first definition that popped up is “the quality individuals have to control their own actions.” It reminded me of the Scriptural reference to liberty found in Isaiah 61, where God sends His message of freedom to those who will hear.

Isaiah 61:1 NKJV To proclaim liberty to the captives

God’s message is that you would hear His heart being proclaimed to you; a message of liberty to your life. I believe that one of the things God is restoring to those who will hear it, is their ability to have proper control over their own life decisions and actions. So many are bound in their thoughts and feelings, they become slaves to whatever impulses fly through their radar. The enemy has a field day in their thoughts, provoking them to habits and behaviors they can never seem to stop. The message of liberty is the work of Christ that comes to gives you power over the enemy and to live a life where you can freely choose to think and live according to God’s ways without hinderance.

Biblical Liberty

I looked up this word liberty in the Hebrew language of the Old Testament, and found it to mean:

  • Liberty
  • A flowing
  • A free run
  • Freedom

The dictionary also defines liberty as:

  1. The quality or state of being free:
    • the power to do as one pleases.
    • freedom from physical restraint
    • freedom from arbitrary or despotic control
    • the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges
    • the power of choice
  2. a right or immunity enjoyed by prescription or by grant : privilege
    • permission especially to go freely within specified limits

Spiritual Liberty In Your Life

One of the constant observations I see in people is that they have not truly gained the message of liberty that God offers them over the works of the enemy. They are so bound in their thoughts, addicted in their emotions and driven by their every impulse; living as though they have to be victims to how they feel.

The message of the cross does not take away your ability to choose, it empowers you to overthrow everything that is not of God in your life. True spiritual liberty is hearing the message of freedom that God is releasing to His children and taking back your life. Liberty is not something where everything that is difficult is taken away for you. Spiritual liberty in God empowers you to take back your freedom yourself. It is because of Christ and with God’s power, but the choice is yours.

Will you choose liberty today? Take back your freedom.

Question: Where have you tolerated being bound in some way of thinking that you can take back today?

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4 thoughts on “True Spiritual Liberty

  1. The definition of codependency you posted yesterday helped me see that I WAS agreeing to be codependent with my brother because of his nonverbal expectations of making decisions for him. But he is able and needs to make his own decisions! So I declare my spiritual liberty from expectations ( especially nonverbal ones) when I sometimes don’t realize and take on responsibility of his. I repent that I WAS in agreement to not have my spiritual liberty that is my God given right.

    What a revelation to not have that heavy tormented feeling and to have healthy relationships! I’m taking back the freedom that God has for me to make this choice!

    • I love seeing how you are being empowered by God to walk in your liberty and freedom. To be able to take back what was stolen is such a blessing. Your testimony will free so many to gain their own steps of freedom as well. . . to walk in wholeness, rather than just waiting for something to fall on them and take all their problems away. Thank God for warriors like you!

      • Thank God I’ve turned the strength I’ve used for negative things is now used for whatever healthy relationships God presents to me!

        You posted this 5 min before I looked online as I was asking God how to relieve my heavy chest. And wow …. There it was! Repent, renounce and accept forgiveness! Within a few hrs the situation within the fam was GREAT! Everybody on the same page and happy!

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