Experiencing Tangible Love

The first mention of the word love in the Scriptures is in Genesis 22:2, where God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son. The command involved Abraham giving up his son whom he loved. This first picture of love here shows the depth of sacrifice and giving that is involved with love. It lines up with God’s sacrificial gift of His own Son, whom He loved, so that the world could be saved to experience that love. Love always involves a giving, to draw the person towards an intimate relationship of security and acceptance.

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How a parent-child relationship pans out affects the child for the rest of their life. God meant for this potent power to embed in us the ways of the Kingdom of God. This is also, however, where the enemy has launched his most toxic attack on humanity, because he knows that if our earthly relationships dilute our understanding of love, we will also have a sabotaged view of God, because God is love.

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For every human being on the planet, we each have had blemished experiences with our parents, for they themselves had flaws and brokenness within that hindered perfecting love from flowing. The enemy knows this and uses our broken heart as a way to proliferate his destructive attacks. These rifts and wounds in relationships are the main battleground for satan’s kingdom to steal, kill and destroy.

In your observations, how does the relationship with dad and mom affect our view of love? Write your comments below. 

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