Taking Responsibility for Your Freedom

We must take a focused, personal, daily responsibility for the development and the walking out of who God says that we are. There is no day off from this. There is no giving it to somebody else. There is no waiting for someone to love you for it to happen. There is no waiting for somebody to lay hands on you, or if I just have the right ministry opportunity, if I go to the right place, if I stand under the right tree, then… no! You will wait all your life. This is, “God, You’ve said it. I wanna agree with it. This is who You say that I am.” And I’m gonna start manifesting and talking from that place now, and no longer tolerating the things I tolerate.

That’s much of what your battle lies–where you tolerate. You wake up in the morning, heaviness is on you. You tolerate it. You wake up in the morning, you have accusing thoughts towards your neighbor. You tolerate it. You go into a work setting, fear comes. You tolerate it. You allow it. You become content with it. Yeah, you hate that it happens, but we need to start moving in a direction of having hostility against this stuff in our life, where it’s no longer tolerated. Yes, you have a journey. You are on a progressive growth in your life. But there must always be this sense of, “This thing that wars against me is my enemy. I hate it, I want it out. I never want it to rule, and it’s never going to rule.” That’s  my position and that’s my daily activation.

We have heard His Word. We have heard scriptures. We have listened to thousands of sermons and teachings. You see what it says. We have to now begin moving into an all-hands-on-deck approach to applying the walk out of what God has said.

I need to set all my resources of my attention and my focus on this identity of what God says the potential of Mark is. That’s my focus, that’s my direction. I am not just talking about it. I am not just writing in my journal about it. It is about time we stopped talking about it and writing about it in our journals and start stepping into this now, and doing things that challenge what the enemy has said about me. It is now time to start pressing into that true vision of what His Word says about me. It has to happen, it must take activation.

God, where have I become passive and stuck in the journey of growing in who You say that I am? Where do I need to begin taking action? I ask that you help me to break out of complacency and passivity and help me to break through in become a doer of Your Word in my life. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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Mark DeJesus has served as an experienced communicator since the 1990s. As a teacher, author, transformational consultant and radio host, Mark is deeply passionate about awakening hearts and equipping people towards personal transformation. He is gifted in helping people address the core issues that become limitations to their God given identity and destiny. He is the author of numerous books and hundreds of teachings. Mark and his wife host a weekly online show called Transformed You and he writes at markdejesus.com. His articles have been featured on sites like CharismaMag.com and Patheos.com. Mark and his wife Melissa enjoy each other and their precious children Maximus and Abigail.

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