#131: Questions on Boundaries, Addictions, Sins in the Family & Why We Sin in the First Place?

On this week’s episode, we discuss the issues of family sins, boundaries, addictions and why we end up sinning in the first place. We also address the subject of pornography and how to begin walking a road of healing and freedom from it. Some great questions were submitted and we have some powerful discussions addressing […]

#035: How to See the Battles Within You [Podcast]

Today we are going to address the battles that you have inside of you, including the thoughts, impressions, temptations and struggles that go on in your life. Where do they come from and how do we deal with them? Scriptures Referenced: Romans 7 Ephesians 6 Genesis 3 http://traffic.libsyn.com/markdejesus/035_How_to_See_the_Battles_Within_You_.mp3Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

#019: Enemy Access Point No. 2 – Inheritance – What is in Your Generations? | Q&A: Inherited Battles, Parents, Bipolar [Podcast]

In today’s episode I want to talk about your inheritance and what kind of patterns are running in your generations. I want to talk about your family tree and the battles that are getting repeated in generation after generation. I will also be taking some questions regarding this subject too and teaching you how to live […]

How to See Yourself and Your Fear Struggles

For many, there is a tendency to see themselves and others as being one with their sin battles. They view themselves and others through the lens and filter of past committed sins or currently sin battles. In the case of fear, when it manifests itself in your body through anxiety, stress, worry, or panic, you […]