#121: The Key Skill We All Need in Relationships [Podcast]

Everything rises and falls on how well we do relationships in life. But most of us have not been taught the skills needed to have powerful relationships. And those skills have to do with our ability to communicate and experience authentic connection. But we need to know HOW to do this. In our years of […]

#120: What Does it Mean to Live a Bitter Free Life? [Podcast]

Life not easy. Relationships are not easy. But it is necessary that we know how to handle relationships or our life will be limited and our potential will be squashed. In fact, if we don’t handle relationships well, we can slowly accumulate a toxic bitterness that forms in our system. It can cloud our vision, […]

#119: Can We Talk About Politics Without Killing Each Other?

If you want to usher in immediate tension into almost any social setting, then bring up a political subject and the tensions will rise. Heated debates will ignite like gasoline on a spark. Emotions intensity, things seems to get personal, anger shows up in people’s faces. Not to mention, everything seems to get negative real […]

#116: Keep Your Love On – An Interview with Danny Silk [Podcast]

Danny Silk

In this week’s episode, you will get the full interview I had with Danny Silk, author of the book, Keep Your Love On. Danny serves on the Senior Leadership Team of both Bethel Church in Redding, CA and Jesus Culture in Sacramento, CA. He is the President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose, a ministry […]

What I Do Not Need When Going Through a Hard Season

Everyone reading this has or will go through many different challenges that grip you to the core. Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble.” (John 16:33) He wasn’t prophesying doom over us, but letting us know in sober awareness that we will be hit with various circumstances that will seek to overwhelm us […]

6 Myths that Keep us from Healthy Conflict Resolution

If there is a class that everyone should go through, its how to walk through effective conflict resolution. One of the reasons today’s relationships only go so far, is that we do not know how to effectively walk through conflict together. Without this skill operating, our relationships will not be honest and empowering. We will […]

#109: Confronting The Intimacy Killer – Shame [Podcast]

What Keeps People from Experiencing Intimate Relationships? We are all dying to connect with others, but at the same time we avoid intimacy like a plague. It is dysfunctional when we read it on paper, but unfortunately it is how we live. What keeps us in this perpetual hide and seek from God and each […]

#105: Walking Out Your Transformation Around Relatives [Podcast]

In this week’s episode we want to discuss the topic of how to work in relationship with family when you have begun a journey of transformation and healing in your life. It can seem like family at times doesn’t want you have change in your life or do you find that you just can’t seem […]

#103: What is God’s Design for a Woman? [Podcast]

In this episode, we want to delve deeper and discuss something that is not really talked about in Christianity. With so much confusion regarding gender and our roles with one another, we need to get clarity and God’s perspective for health. This week, we want to specifically address females. We want to ask the question, […]