#074: Why Do People Keep Hurting Me? [Podcast]

This week’s episode focuses on the subject, “Why Do People Keep Hurting Me?” Do you feel like you have been working on healthy relationships and can’t seem to break free of the old ones? Do you have continual pain in relationships that does not change? Do you keep attracting unhealthy people?  This episode is for you! […]

#072: Getting to the Root of Pornography & Other Destructive Addictions [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we delve into the world of pornography and other destructive habits–getting to the root of why people struggle with these habits and how they can walk into freedom. Part of the reason we are not getting free is that we are not getting to the root system of the problem. Question from […]

#059: Addressing Tough Questions on God, Sin, Tattoos and Relationship Conflicts [Podcast]

Today we want to open up the show for addressing questions, especially the tough ones that no one wants to address or knows how to address. We want to tackle them head on. Questions #1 from Jaso Mitchell (Connecticut) If God knew the whole eternal plan for Making mankind why did he plant the tree of […]

#045: Clearing Up the Fog In Our Relationships [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we are going to confront one of the most dangerous strongholds that hinder healthy relationships–rejection. Listen in as we discuss how rejection creates a fog in our relationships that keep us from fruitfulness and clear interactions. Rejection will program us out of our own brokenness to overcompensate in relationships, or not bother […]

12 Straight Truths About Addictions

People who recognize their entrapment of addictions and desperately want to be free will often appreciate the straight truth. Whether its drugs, food addictions, relationship addictions or addictive thinking patterns that are obsessive, we all need the straight truth to get free from addictive influences in our lives. Here’s the straight truth to know in […]

The Detached Heart

The issue of the detached heart is a pandemic problem and it concerns me most about the current generation and generations to come. The detached heart has the mark of an inability to emotionally connect to God or one another. With a detached heart, we can still go through the motions of working, raising children […]

When the Pursuit of Freedom Becomes Rebellion

Events of the 1960s resulted in a wave of reactions against authority and leadership. Dubbed a freedom movement, many flocked to gatherings, listened to songs and read books that spread the message of “love and peace.” This trend, however, was not a freedom movement, but further plunged people into bondage. In this case the bondage […]

Signs that Pride May Be the Problem

When pride creeps into our hearts, we don’t just have a devil problem. We have a God problem. God says that He actually will resist someone who has pride in their life: God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt […]